Join The Team

Currently looking for contractors and freelancers with the potential for employee conversion


•Our teammates understand how to leverage data to solve business problems

•Engineering data pipelines is what we do

•Working in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

•Snowflake is fundamental

•Data integrations, ETL, ELT

•Data Architecture

•Data Modeling


•Teammates are aligned to mentors (not managers) to help maximize their professional development and benefit from diverse thinking

•Our teammates put the client’s and the team’s success before their own

•Our teammates are curious and continuously learning

•Our teammates are performance and value driven

•Our teammates are self motivated, creative and resourceful

•Our teammates are vulnerable, candid and kind

•Our teammates care about the community and are encouraged to give back


•Trust and integrity will always be our top values

•We foster authentic, trusted, lasting relationships with our teammates, customers, partners and community

•We always practice selflessness

•We are performance and value driven

•We are vulnerable, candid and kind

•We promote a safe and diverse environment where all voices are heard

•We invite feedback and seek the truth

•We are grateful

•How we treat each other is paramount.  If we do that well and support each other, everything else will fall into place.